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Need designs and illustrations?

Thank you for visiting the website of designer/illustrator Yutaka Yamawaki. I create illustrations according to your request, including touch, delivery date, and budget. I have received many requests from major companies and individuals, and I have actual results, and credibility. If you have any experience such as free materials or other requests that you were not satisfied with, please consider it. I will respond in good faith. I look forward to hearing from you.



My promises in production

* I will sincerely produce according to your request.

* I will contact you adequately and keep the delivery date.

* I also support cases after delivery if required.


I have resumed accepting new illustration projects. It may take some time, but thank you for your understanding.


Production cost

Please refer to here, depending on the delivery time and contents. I will respond flexibly to match your budget as much as possible. Payment can be made after delivery. Please feel free to contact me.


*These are illustrations I made to

introduce dramas and movies.Not for sale.

For more information, check at Q22 or contact me


Designer/Illustrator Yutaka Yamawaki

I became independent after working for a publishing company. I am active in all scenes using illustrations such as websites and catalogs of major companies, book illustrations, cover drawings, logo and character designs, and picture books. Shifting focus to design from July 2023.

Main applications used: Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop


1. At first, please contact me. If any of the illustrations I have produced so far are close to your image, please let me know so that I can proceed relatively smoothly. Let me know the site where your samples and images are posted.


2. I would like to ask about the detailed contents of illustration production by e-mail or through the internet. And please let me know about the delivery date and budget.


3. I will create a draft in Photoshop based on the contents you requested. Normally, the draft is a black-and-white line drawing JPEG file, but color drafts can also be produced. Depending on the situation and content, the draft production period is about 1 to 3 days.


4. If the draft needs to be corrected, I will correct it and propose it again.


5. If there is no problem with the draft, I will start finishing work with Illustrator. I can also finish it in Photoshop. Depending on the situation and content, the illustration will be finished in about 2 to 10 days.

6. If the finish needs to be adjusted, I will adjust it and propose again.


7. If there is no problem with the finish, it will be delivered as data. Payment of production costs is postpaid. I would appreciate if you could pay as soon as possible. Paypal is available. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.


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